Parson or Jack?

Is it a Jack Russell??

The question we Parson Russell Breeders have gotten for years.

Hold on to your hats here is the answer!

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America represents a much broader standard. Their standard calls for a dog that measures anywhere from 10'' to 15" at the withers. Another words it includes what some call the shorties. It also includes the longer legged terriers. As you would imagine these are two very different terriers.

The Parson Russell Terrier Association of America represents the original standard written for this terrier back in the late 1800's This standard calls for a terrier that measures from 12-15' at the withers. This excludes the short legged dogs. The name was changed after we applied for AKC recognition.

As the Jack Russell Terrier Club was still in existence and did not support AKC recognition they remained and still remain outside of the American Kennel Club Registry. Because of their claim to the name and their copyright of the name the AKC and the newly formed Jack Russell Terrier Breeders Association were unable to use the name "Jack Russell".  So in 2003 we, (the JRTBA) changed the name

of the dog to The Parson Russell Terrier and the name of our club to the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America, still keeping the association with the famous hunting Parson "Jack Russell " after whom the terrier was originally named.


If you are still confused feel free to call me and I will be more than happy to confuse you even more!

Here is an etching of the Hunting Parson with his terriers note the longer legs!




Since the writing of this article. The AKC has welcomed the Russell Terrier into the Terrier group. The Russell Terrier is the shorter legged terrier. For more info on this newly recognized breed please visit The American Russell Terrier Club.


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